I am trying to do something but I have problem...

I wont show the list of my post, but from all titles I want remove text after last "-" (dash)

My list of posts:

  1. My experience - this boy - first day - meet
  2. My love - i do not know - second day
  3. My first time - auuu - third time

I would like to return this:

  1. My experience - this boy - first day
  2. My love - i do not know
  3. My first time

I tried this:

<?php $stringx = get_the_title();
echo preg_replace('/-[^-]*$/', '', $stringx); ?> 

But this return whole text... with the dashes....

also I tried this:


Somone could help me how to output titles of post withoust text after last '-'?


This is really a PHP question not so much a WP question -- but:

echo substr($stringx,0,strrpos($stringx,'-'));

Also I think your example #3 is wrong unless there are some cases where you want to exclude more than simply after the final dash character.

Note - if you want to exclude both that final blank space along with the final dash that immediately follows it, then change the substr length by -1 to avoid the final blank space:

echo substr($stringx,0,strrpos($stringx,'-')-1);
  • okey, something has changed, but not what I wanted My experience - this boy - first day - mee My love - i do not know - second da My first time - auuu - third tim Just cuted the last letter...
    – kibus90
    Aug 23 '18 at 11:42

I fount where were problem...


Each dash (short dash) is changing for long dash

I just wptexturize for titles by add to functions.php this code:

remove_filter('the_title', 'wptexturize');

and works well. But how can I get with long dash? I do not know... but I hope it will help someone in future.

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