I try to figure out as the title mentions and I found this:

How To Disable (or Remove) "All Posts, Published, and Trash" in Dashboard Posts

And birgire's answer is spot on, but I need the "All" link to be default instead of the "Mine" and I just can't figure it out.

I also on another posttype want to default to "published"


Thank's anmari, A tad over my level of php knowledge, but manage to sort it out looking at it in another way. Sorted with changing the "global $submenu" and the code:

* Makes the "All" sorting and "publish" default on edit screen for custom post types

function default_post_sorting(){
        global $submenu;

        // Administrator users don't need this, bail out
        if( current_user_can('add_users') )

        //'publish' default
        $submenu['edit.php?post_type=my_post_type'][5][2] = 'edit.php?post_status=publish&post_type=my_post_type';

        //'All' default
        $submenu['edit.php?post_type=my_post_type'][5][2] = 'edit.php?post_type=my_post_type&all_posts=1';


add_action( 'admin_menu', 'default_post_sorting');

Just change "my_post_type" to your posttype.

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