I want to login via wordpresss api. I tried with "/wp-json/wp/v2/users" . but it just returns user 1 details.

My goal is login via api and fetch all profile information.


1. Install and activate JWT Authentication for WP REST API plugin, also install WP REST API plugin
2. Now you can run any wordpress default api from mobile app or any other source or by postman. for example hit this url from your app or by postman. https://example.com/wp-json/wp/v2/posts
3. By app or by postman, When you will login with valid details (using rest api) you will get back a token. To login and get token, run the following url by postman or by app https://example.com/wp-json/jwt-auth/v1/token
4. By this way you will get a token as shown in picture postman and jwt authentication
Now use this token to get logged in user details, for example
5. make function in function.php

function checkloggedinuser()
$currentuserid_fromjwt = get_current_user_id();

 add_action('rest_api_init', function ()
  register_rest_route( 'testone', 'loggedinuser',array(
  'methods' => 'POST',
  'callback' => 'checkloggedinuser'

6. Now again run this new url in postman or in app to get logged in user details. https://example.com/wp-json/testone/loggedinuser (replace example.com with your url) enter image description here


Hello I have a faster and better solution to get the ID and more like the user avatar.

Just add this to your functions.php file:

 * Insert some additional data to the JWT Auth plugin
function jwt_auth_function($data, $user) { 
    $data['user_role'] = $user->roles; 
    $data['user_id'] = $user->ID; 
    $data['avatar']= get_avatar_url($user->ID);
    return $data; 
add_filter( 'jwt_auth_token_before_dispatch', 'jwt_auth_function', 10, 2 );

Reference: How to ger ID user via API

I hope that's helped



add_action( 'rest_api_init', 'register_api_hooks' );
function register_api_hooks() {
    'custom-plugin', '/login/',
      'methods'  => 'POST',
      'callback' => 'login',
function login($request){
    $creds = array();
    $creds['user_login'] = $request["username"];
    $creds['user_password'] =  $request["password"];
    $creds['remember'] = true;
    $user = wp_signon( $creds, true );

    if ( is_wp_error($user) )
      echo $user->get_error_message();

    $id = $user->ID;
    $meta = get_user_meta($id);

    return $meta;
  • This is very insecure. You're sending the username and password openly in the URL. – Jacob Peattie Aug 19 '18 at 4:23
  • Actually, I want to call it from android. – Mohammad Shahnewaz Sarker Aug 19 '18 at 4:30
  • Doesn’t matter. Please read the link to the documentation I posted as a comment. There are proper, safer, ways to do this. – Jacob Peattie Aug 19 '18 at 4:33
  • @JacobPeattie Would it be ok to use if we use POST instead of GET? The WP documentation link you gave actually was the first place I went to but it does not seem to cover anything about how to log in. – Betty Mar 30 '19 at 1:42
  • @Jacob, Post method data. So, its secure. – Mohammad Shahnewaz Sarker Oct 21 '19 at 8:27

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