I'm trying to create a product compare feature where we can compare three products, Two products must be added while the third is optional.

Trying to use the add_rewrite_rule to create a friendly URL for the product compare page. For example, Something similar to this https://hostadvice.com/tools/web-hosting-comparison/godaddy-vs-hostinger/

To make it work, The following is the what i tried so far, I know this is not the correct one.


desired url structure:


While the product3 can be optional

It'd be really helpful if someone can correct me on how to make the regex expression work correctly.

Thank you.

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Here you go:


Remember to escape backslashes (as I have done). I also made your lookups more consistent in their internal logic/structure.

I assumed you wouldn't want a second -vs- if the third product wasn't there, so this is why you now have the second non-capturing group.

Here is a link with the answer in regex: https://regexr.com/3u465 to make things clear. Please let me know if I misunderstood your requirements. :)

  • Thanks for answering, but the problem I'm facing is, if the product name contain any character from -vs- then it escapes whole product name, for example check this link here the 2nd product has v in its name. Aug 18, 2018 at 5:28

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