I am currently designing a custom WordPress theme from scratch and designing the header.php part now. I was coding for the title tags and when I was done and tested, everything was alright excepting title for pages.

I wanted the title for pages to be as follows;

Homepage: (Blog Name) - Let's Make Things Happen
All other pages: Page title
Posts: Post title
Search page: You search for (search query)
404 Not found: Page not found

As I mentioned above, everything went right but not page titles as it is still showing Page title - Page name whereas I did not use any PHP command for this and to be honest, I tried but could not correct it. Please help me modifying the code I used in my header.php file. I am sending you the screenshot of that code pointing that PHP command I thought was wrong.

Code I used in that header.php file

Please help me out experts.

  • Have you tried deactivating all plugins? Some plugins filter wp_title() so it sounds like something outside your own code may be making changes before the final <title> is output. – WebElaine Aug 17 at 14:17
  • Yes, I have no plugin activated. I am making a custom theme and did not use any plugin yet. I think, I will have to change PHP command for the bordered one in the image a bit. – Rishabh Aug 19 at 4:00
  • You could use the_title(); to just use the Post Title without WP adding anything on. – WebElaine Aug 20 at 15:18

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