I recently migrated my website to a new hosting platform and since uploading the files and changing the database details, some images aren't being found. I've checked the FTP and the files are in the correct folders.

I did find that this is only happening to images which have special characters in them such as the £ sign. For example, in the console it says this:

/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/what-will-%C2%A3500000-buy-where-you-live-bury-st-edmunds-%C2%A3475000.jpg 404 (Not Found)

Originally, I uploaded the images in Wordpress with £ signs and these are the files I transferred over when migrating.


I have tried renaming the images, replacing the £ sign with %C2%A3 and uploading but they are still not being found. I have also tried regenerating all images on the site and flushing permalinks but still no luck.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to resolve the issue?


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You can reupload files via ftp, i believe you did via cpanel and filenames corrupted. Also you can use plugin like this https://wordpress.org/plugins/clean-image-filenames/

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