I'm trying to work with the Event List plugin and Favorites plugin.

I have a program page where I want to show all the events. I've put the following shortcode in my program page:

[event-list initial_cat=programma-nl]

I have an overview of all the events on that page.

Now I would like to add a button for every post to add this event to the favorites.

In the settings of the "Favorites" plugin I've set the Event post type as active. This with the following settings active:

  • Insert Favorite button before content
  • Insert Favorite button after content
  • Show favorite count on post edit screen
  • Show favorite count in admin columns

But the favorites button doesn't show on the overview page of events. The "favorite count" as mentioned above is also not shown in posts (= post_type events) overview.

How can I make these plugins work together?

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