I need to have a bit of frequently changing content in a sidebar (the time and location of the next meeting of a club).

What I'd really like is a nice widget that displays the_content() of a selected page or just has a rich text field and displays what's in that. I figured there would be something like this around, but I can't find it. (Maybe because the search terms are too cloudy and overloaded?)

I wrote a widget that displays the_content() of a hardcoded page, but that's not an ideal solution.

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  • Thanks! It's a mystery I didn't find any of those on my own... – Jesse Millikan Oct 21 '10 at 4:00

How about the Rich Widget?


I would actually recomend using the Rich Text Widget as it uses the built in TinyMCE editor that comes with WordPress and doesn't add any extra javascript etc


Spectacu.la Page Widget


You may want to try the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget plugin, which adds a WYSIWYG text widget based on the standard TinyMCE WordPress editor.

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  • Sorry for not mentioning I was the author of the plugin. And sorry for the copy/paste too. – marcochiesi Nov 13 '11 at 19:47

try using custom content widget, it adds a "content block" in the dashboard just under the pages, its easy to use http://www.vanderwijk.com/wordpress/wordpress-custom-post-widget/

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