I have two Custom Post Types; one is called movies with some detailed meta-boxes. I also have another Custom Post Types called directors again with some detailed metabolites like [name, nationality, gender, age, ...].

To Do:

Can you please let hoe I can use the directors like taxonomy for movies in a way that in future I can query the wp on movies that come from a name or nationality or... any field listed on directors?

I know I can somehow create taxonomies for the movies but I need to create an stand alone table/mechanism to hold directors no mater they have any movie or not



You don’t need to create any taxonomies or use directors as taxonomy.

All you need is to add director_id field to movies. So when you edit a movie, you can select it’s director.

Later you can use meta queries to show all movies directed by given person.

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  • Thanks Kryzyiek, but how can I load data to the director_id from director CPT? – Mona Coder Aug 4 '18 at 5:56

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