i need your help to configure the DNS & cPanel for WP Multi-site Domain Mapping

i have a GoDaddy business hosting account with Dedicated IP & Access to cPanel and i tried Domain Mapping my Word Press Multi site ( Sub-Site ) but failed

  • My WP Multisite install ( sub.example.com ) is Working ok and i created subsites successfuly

  • Example.com is my Multisite install Domain ( sup-site ) and it's NOT the primary domain of my hosting account

  • CustomDomain.com is new purchased domain also from GoDaddy

in my cPanel :

  • Example.com : Addon Domain --- Document Root : /public_html/example.com
  • CustomDomain.com : Addon Domain --- Document Root : /public_html/customdomain.com

i tried domain mapping doing the following steps and i failed :

2 - Changed ( http://sub.example.com ) TO ( http://customdomain.com ) from Network Admin

3 - in CustomDomain.com DNS created an ‘A’ record pointing to the IP address of my hosting account

-- the end result is 403 forbidden error --

Please help me configure the DNS & cPanel for Domain Mapping

thank you

  • The document roots need to be the same - setting the A record alone is not sufficient. – TheDeadMedic Aug 3 at 9:38
  • thank you so much .. now everything is working good .. than you – Seen Pages Aug 4 at 5:29

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