My website > www.captiveoudoor.com generally takes about 50-60 seconds to load all resources, which is currently killing our traffic and google ranking.

After running pagespeed insights I noticed that some issues need fixing: 1. browser caching, 2. optimzing CSS resources, 3. image optimization.

  1. I am using W3 Total cache to deal with this issue.
  2. No fix in the pipeline for this
  3. The image optimization issue I tried to fix with the Smushit plugin - but it looks as though I need to opt in to a full paid version to take full advantage.

With not a lot of understanding if this is the case, I also fear that I have too many plugins that may be affecting site speed times, but this may be totally unfounded.

Any sugguestions or questions? I am more than happy to answer them.

Thanks so much,

  • Tony

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Please Use this plugin to increase Performance


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