I want to move the uploads folder to a sub-domain. it hosted on another server. there are a lot of guides which is mentioned move the folder to a subdomain which hosted on the same as the main site is. like this

Now, what about a sub-domain on the other server? how can I set FTP's user and password in WordPress?

ps: I found out this plugin. but is there any way to set it without any plugin?


Warning! Nothing of the proposed below was tested.

add_filter('upload_dir', 'update_attachment_url');
function update_attachment_url($data)
    $data['url'] = str_replace('http://main-domain/', 'http://sub-domain.com', $data['url']);
    $data['baseurl'] = str_replace('http://main-domain/', 'http://sub-domain.com', $data['baseurl']);

    return $data;

Code source.

Also you can try to change the values of upload_path and upload_url_path found in the wp_options MySQL table.

Remember to run Search Replace DB to change all published image paths.

  • as I said my problem is all guide just is about a subdomain in the same server. my subdomain is on another server. in your guide how can I set ftp user and pass? – joei Jul 31 '18 at 10:17

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