I have a custom field in WP called what_we_do_textarea_two. what_we_do_textarea_two is a simple repeater field which allows you to add another item to a list.

what_we_do_textarea_two has a subfield called list_item:

enter image description here

Since this list may have x amount of listings, what is the best way to retrieve the data from that field? At the moment I have:

$textareaTwo = get_sub_field("list_item");
if ($textareaTwo && count($textareaTwo)>0){
    foreach ($textareaTwo as $textareaTwos){
        $res = get_post($textareaTwos);

But it doesn't display anything? At the moment I have two listings in the repeater, so it should show two listings? I imagine it'll be a for loop since I want all data from the list the be displayed, but unsure as to why mine doesn't work?


Please use below code to get list item


// check if the repeater field has rows of data
if( have_rows('what_we_do_textarea_two') ):

    // loop through the rows of data
    while ( have_rows('what_we_do_textarea_two') ) : the_row();

        // display a sub field value


else :

    // no rows found



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