Using the Wordpress REST API, I retrieve all my posts into a Angular 6 service. The category field in the JSON displays the ID of the category as an array of numbers.

"category": [ 6 ],

Is there a way, hopefully on the Wordpress end, to have the API use the category name instead? Or add another node to the JSON?

  • Have you read the official REST API Handbook yet? The linked resource covers exactly this – kero Jul 25 '18 at 13:17

For my needs, I customized the wp rest posts callback:

function get_all_posts( $data, $post, $context ) {
    return [
        'id'        => $data->data['id'],
        'date'      => $data->data['date'],
        'date_gmt'  => $data->data['date_gmt'],
        'modified'  => $data->data['modified'],
        'title'     => $data->data['title']['rendered'],
        'content'   => $data->data['content']['rendered'],
        'excerpt'   => $data->data['excerpt']['rendered'],
        'category'  => get_the_category_by_ID( $data->data['categories'][0] ),
        'link'      => $data->data['link'],

add_filter( 'rest_prepare_post', 'get_all_posts', 10, 3 );

Category endpoint returns directly the name of the post category.

  • You can get it within the _embedded part of the response when you use the _embed query parameter, so you don't need to modify the response. Explained more in the handbook. – birgire Jan 25 at 14:22

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