I am trying to move my logo from the center of my page to the left side.

I am using the "Pixgraphy" theme by "freesia" and it doesn't allow me to move it in the template

whenever I try to paste custom CSS code in, it wont do anything and I'm a little afraid editing directly in the .php file due to previous syntax errors

I want the logo to move to the leftmo

Hope someone out there can help me

( ps: I am not very skilled in either CSS/HTML so I would appreciate some very simple/basic instructions )

Thanks in advance

Best regards


  • WPSE is good for questions that are specific to WordPress development issues. Generic HTML/CSS/JavaScript questions are better suitable for StackOverflow. Please read the topics here to know how to ask a good question in WPSE. – Fayaz Jul 25 '18 at 13:23

use container-fluid class instead of container in header.php file of Pixgraphy theme.

Remove text-align: center and margin: 0 auto from the ID site-branding in your style.css. You can also overwrite it using custom stylesheet editor.

Also, add below style to resolve your issue.

#site-branding {
  float: left;


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