I am WordPress developer and i work on lot of WP Plugins & Themes. As of now my Local Setup is something that i have created on my own.

Like this

  1. WordPress
  2. WooCommerce
  3. StoreFront
  4. QueryMonitor
  5. QueryMonitor Extended
  6. Sample WC Data

All the above i have created in the name of template and then using a custom php script i auto run when a new install is required. but the issues i am facing here is

  1. Updating Global Plugins (WC,QueryMonitor,QueryMonitor Extended)
  2. Repeated Uploads Folder Sample data which comes around 120MB per site

I have around 250 Local sites which is around 5 to 10GB in size. i dont want too many repeated files

As of now i am using Xampp But planed to move to laragon.org

I have even tried others like (FlyWheels) but i dont like this. i like to have full control on me.

Please do guide me on whats the best way to manage it. i even tried using WPMU which i dont want to since i need each and every plugin as a separate website.

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