I am working updating a 10+ year old website for a small residential community. Its front page-not hosted on WordPress--requires community members to log in with their own (unique) password to view the portion of the site residing on WordPress.

There are two issues I'd like to resolve--I am hoping they can be solved in one fell swoop that doesn't involve serious code editing:

  1. On the WordPress side of the site, there are documents on some pages that members can download. I discovered that those document links can be shared--and whoever gets the links can access the documents without a password. Is there a way to ensure only logged-in members can access these links? (ie Non-members would be re-directed to a page that says "you are not authorized to view this document/page."

  2. Currently, each member has been given a password manually by an administrator. The members can sign in and view the content pages done in WordPress. (Members can see all the pages, though only admins can edit them. )I'd like to figure out a way to allow members to request access and then manage their own passwords--and their passwords give them access to the content, the links to which can't be shared.

I read quite a few threads here and elsewhere. The most pertinent is this thread (which is 5+ years old): How do I require authorization / login to view a specific set of posts / pages? Is there a more updated (aka easier) solution today? I can do a lot within the parameters of WordPress, and can add some simple CSS code, but am not a software developer and hiring one is out of the question for the community.

Appreciate ANY feedback! Thank you!!!

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