I created this api using a plugin called WP REST API Controller. But it didn't return custom taxonomy categories

so I installed a plugin called WP REST API – Pure Taxonomies, it's returning category parent, but I don't know what the parent name is, I don't even know if the parent is a category or a sub category

pure_taxonomies: {
ad_cat: [
term_id: 42,
name: "Nissan",
slug: "nissan",
term_group: 0,
term_taxonomy_id: 42,
taxonomy: "ad_cat",
description: "",
parent: 9,
count: 19,
filter: "raw",
term_type: "0",
term_font_icon: "0"

How to fix this? I am using a custom taxonomy with custom categories that are different than WordPress categories. The theme is classipress. I don't think I can rely on plugins anymore, I think I have to do it manually, no plugin can help me with categories.

I want to return the name of the category, I want to know if it's a category or a sub category. I guess that parent is category, I wish there's a way to return its name though.

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