I need to add a site title as a text below the logo for a site. The title should be <h2> tag. The theme allows either image or text, but not both.

  • If you can post relevant part of the code from inside your theme's header.php you will be more likely to receive a more helpful answer. The portion of the code you are looking for will look similar to the place in the HTML where the image is added when you "view source" in your browser. It probably says something like header, logo or site-title in the id or class attributes.
    – DaveLak
    Jul 13, 2018 at 14:59

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You will have to customize the header.php of your theme (from Appearancece > Editor), I recommend you create a child theme first and then find #logo within the header.php and add the title below the logo.

I cannot show you exactly how since I don't know the header.php of your theme, but after you find the where the logo is generated #logo you will know where to place your title.

<h2>Your title</h2>
  • Thank you. I have child theme created. what code I should add in child theme. I have two files in child theme sytle.css and functions.php. Do you want me to share the header.php file of the parent theme as text?
    – lfo.party
    Jul 12, 2018 at 14:00
  • You should also have the header.php on your child theme folder, yes, you can share it with me and I will point out the line for you, but you can also simply check the code and search for where #logo is generated, but whatever :) Jul 12, 2018 at 14:13
  • Here is the file dropbox.com/s/weiclbhrto025lx/header.txt?dl=0
    – lfo.party
    Jul 12, 2018 at 14:22
  • Great, find line 49, it's above <!-- #logo -->. Right now it looks like this </div>, you will replace that line with </div><h2>My tittle</h2>, after that your site will look like this: i.imgur.com/ytV484n.png Jul 12, 2018 at 14:39
  • 1
    sorry to say, I don't know how to mark this as closed.
    – lfo.party
    Jul 12, 2018 at 16:03

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