The website VPS has the domain name name.com and the mail server mail.name.com.

I successfully send and receive mail using mail.name.com using postfix and dovecot.

However, when I try to register a new user on my page, the new user receives no mail, and consequently cannot register. This made me install the plugin "WP Mail SMTP", with TLS and port 587, and Authentication off. In addition to letting you use your own mail server, you can use this plugin with Google, mailgun, and other services.

In the From Email field I use [email protected]. When I try to send a test email, I get the following message:

Could not connect to the SMTP host.

This means your web server was unable to connect to mail.name.com.

Typically this error is returned for one of the following reasons:

-SMTP settings are incorrect (wrong port, security setting, incorrect host).

-Your web server is blocking the connection.

-Your SMTP host is rejecting the connection.

In order to troubleshoot this problem, I need to understand the underlying mechanism, which I do not.

Do I have to open mail ports on name.com and use it as a relay? Or does the plugin automagically verify directly with mail.name.com?

The latter makes more sense to me, as I can also use Google and other third-party services. That also explains why I need to set up SMTP authentication (SASL). But before I do anything, I would like a wiser person to confirm this suspicion or point me in the right direction, as I know it will be a lot of hassle (or should I say sassle?).

Do I have to set up SASSL on mail.name.com?



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