I'm using this hook woocommerce_order_status_processing to check if an order is payed and update the user with a memberplan. The problem is that manual update, acessing woocommerce menu > orders > change status from any to processing works, but when the online payment returns and change the status programatically appears that the hook woocommerce_order_status_processing is not being used and my client's status is not being changed. How I can find which hook I need to use? Someone have a tip?

  • What did you mean with "when the online payment returns"? – user141080 Jul 11 '18 at 19:01
  • Think paypal. If paypal is processing the order they return a value and woocommerce update the order. When this is ocurring my function is not being called. But if I access my wp-admin, go to the order and manually change the status my function is called. I think is something with the hook I'm using. – Rafael Figueiredo Jul 11 '18 at 19:09
  • Have you looked in the code of your payment plugin? Which one do you use? – user141080 Jul 12 '18 at 12:18
  • Yes. I looked before but somehow looking again now I discovered the correct hook. Thanks! – Rafael Figueiredo Jul 13 '18 at 18:23

Like I said before change manually the data through admin works well with the woocommerce_order_status_processing hook. But the gateway I'm using was using other method and consequently other hook. The right hook is woocommerce_update_order.

Inside this hook was needed to use a conditional check if the status change to processing.

public function create_memberplan_after_update_order($order){
    $order = wc_get_order($order);
    if ($order->data['status'] == 'processing') {
        //update user when status is changed to processing

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