In one install I only use a single tag for each post, and so in the admin/add post screen want to remove the comma which WP adds.

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Commas aren't stored in the actual tag, they're injected when tags are rendered. Whatever your tag-removal solution will be, it'll happen via your theme files (or a plugin), and not when you input tags in the editor.

Here's a quick shortcode solution for specific usage:

Place in functions.php:

add_shortcode( 'tags_no_comma_shortcode', 'get_tags_no_comma' );

function get_tags_no_comma() {
  echo the_tags(' ',' ');

Then use [tags_no_comma_shortcode] in your post or template file.

After this you may want to use CSS to give some styling for each item, ie 'coloured pill shape' (which is what a lot of people desire when removing commas).

  • Thanks. Your answer suggests this is a solution for the front-end, whereas my question relates to the admin back-end.
    – glvr
    Jan 31, 2019 at 5:47

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