I have a custom post type called "meetings" and I will like to bulk remove all the posts and all of its attachment images...

Can this be done with the wp-cli?

thank you!


To do this, you could use wp post list and pipe the output into wp post meta delete using xargs.

Here's an example command to delete the featured images in the meetings post type:

wp post list --post_type= meetings --fields=ID --format=csv | xargs -I % wp post meta delete % _thumbnail_id

You can use wp post meta list on a post to get the names of the fields you wish to delete and modify the command above accordingly.

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  • Hi Dave, thank you, but this is not really what Im looking for, I need to delete the all "meetings" posts and their attachments, ideas? – Brooke Jul 17 '18 at 21:52

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