Is there a way in changing the company's logo without editing the CSS itself? So when a certain page/link is clicked, the logo changes accordingly.

Highly appreciate!

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    It depends entirely on the theme, and since support for 3rd-party themes and and plugins is not provided here you should ask the theme author. – Jacob Peattie Jul 9 '18 at 8:54

Sure add this to your costume css in wordpress :

   /*.not-sticky or .is-sticky*/
   /*url of image*/
  .page-id-12 .not-sticky .logo-img {


You can use custom fields to change the logo per page or try this plugin - https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/ to make things easier. Just create a field named 'logo', assign it to all pages and you will now have provision to upload logo in the edit page. Use this code to display the logo <?php the_field('logo'); ?>. That's it!

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