• I need to associate to every PostType a Company(done with Taxonomy, taxonomy is a huge list of Companies)
  • A company can be a Producer or a Developer
  • I need to Select a Producer on the PostType
  • I need to Select a Developer on the PostType

As you understand you can have the same Company as Developer and Producer

Solution ?

Unfortunately i find myself like a fish out of water. Wordpress is the perfect CMS for this Job but for this task, ehmmm, i dont know :/ According my background i can associate a Company to a Post Type (Company will be the Taxonomy). But after ? How to do an intermediate Association (every Company can be a Developer, Publisher or Both) ?

P.S I Dont need meta fields (i need to insert at least 2000 companies if not more than that, custom fields will slow down hard i think the queries if i start to search a developer who has done x PostType)

Thanks in advance to each of you for your time, I do not owe you a beer, I owe you a ticket for the World Cup final if you give me a hand, I'm banging my head against the wall two days for that ...... :/ :D


If you are open to use plugin, you can use PostType (avoid taxonomies) for both entities using this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/posts-to-posts/

Documented here: https://github.com/scribu/wp-posts-to-posts/wiki

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    Not sure whether it is a good idea to recommend a plugin that is clearly not in active development anymore. – user2015 Jul 7 '18 at 21:25

In your example I think it would be better that Companies are also a post type and not a taxonomy.

Then with plugins like Advanced Custom Fields or Toolset it is possible to make connections between post types.


First of all thanks for your time and your suggestions. Im already using my handmade plugin (with cmb2, json, seo classes, etc, etc...) and im terrified/scaried to use something like toolset (my impression is the classic super bloated plugin useful mostly for end user).
Your ideas are ok and i really appreciate your time but, as i said, to use Custom Field is a no way (that's my personal idea) when you have huuge amount of data for many to many.

I've found the solution at https://wordpress.org/plugins/npc-neatekpostconnect/.

It's a plugin but it's :

  • tiny (+1)
  • it has clear classes (+1)
  • it creates 2 tables (perfect for many to many relationship)

I dont know the impact of the plugin in server load (or if it requires some tweaks) but according code sounds like a great solution for many to many and a great solution for everyone involved in this.

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