I want to display partial values of JSON Encode values. Following is the code.

<?php global $wpdb; $project_member_details = $wpdb->get_var( $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT project_members FROM wpxa_project_members WHERE project_id = 603" ) ); echo $project_member_details; ?>

I get following result...

{"member_image":["21604_1530889966_1408904487.png","21604_1530889966_1590217155.jpg","21604_1530889966_1179667677.png"],"member_name":["Test","Best","Guest"],"member_role":["Test1","Best1","Guest1"],"member_email":["[email protected]","[email protected]","[email protected]"],"member_facebook_id":["Test3","Best3","Guest3"]}

But I want only this... How to do...


Plz help...

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Use json_decode:

global $wpdb;
$project_member_details = $wpdb->get_var( $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT project_members FROM wpxa_orocox_project_members WHERE project_id = 603" ) );
$project_member_details = json_decode( $project_member_details, true );
print_r( $project_member_details['member_image'] );

If you still want the output to be JSON encoded at the end of it, you could then do something like:

$member_images = $project_member_details['member_image'];
echo wp_json_encode( [ 'member_image' => $member_images ] );

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