I only added a plugin call WPFreshstart 5 to my site and later when I went into my site I noticed all media library was gone and all images thru out my site were gone even the widget area. I deleted the plugin but nothing has come back. I've done nothing else to my site except that plugin. What has happened ? What can I do to restore my media library? Could it be a hosting issue?

  • Do you have a backup of the site? It could be that this plugin just deleted all of the data - there is no getting it back without a backup. If you don't have one, ask your hosting provider, they usually restore theirs for a small fee – kero Jul 2 '18 at 11:20

Go into your document root, then locate your media folder (default wp-include/media) and raw files (jpgs etc) should be there. If not, check your trash bin, if not, your hosting provider is your last resort.

Edit: after this, download all your files as backup into your local machine, including media and settings etc and reinstall WordPress.

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