I am developing a plugin where I list all the available comments and then I want to have a links like Delete, Approve, Unapprove or Spam etc.

I have followed a thread here: Add delete, approve, spam Links to Comments. But while approving I get the error saying The link you followed has expired and I can't comment in that thread.

Can anyone please assist?

Below is my code:

$template = ' <a class="comment-edit-link" href="%1$s%2$s">%3$s</a>';
$admin_url = admin_url( "comment.php?c=$comment->comment_ID&action=" );
$link = '';
                            // Mark as Spam.
$link .= sprintf( $template, $admin_url, 'cdc&dt=spam', __( 'Spam' ) );
                            // Delete.
$link .= sprintf( $template, $admin_url, 'cdc', __( 'Delete' ) );
// Approve or unapprove.                             

if ( '0' === $comment->comment_approved )
   $link .= sprintf( $template, $admin_url, 'approvecomment', __( 'Approve' ) );
  $link .= sprintf( $template, $admin_url, 'unapprovecomment', __( 'Unapprove' ) );
echo $link;


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