I am trying to add a script for an affiliate widget into the back end of my website so I can use a custom taxonomy for the variable.

Basically below where the script asks for destination I would like to add the name of the current destination. Destination is a custom taxonomy on my wordpress site.

<script async defer src="//widget.getyourguide.com/v2/core.js" 

I have tried $destname = single_cat_title(); and then using echo ($destname) inside the script but it doesnt seem to work.

Any ideas Richard


I think you should use json_encode in the page that you would like to run. Here is some ideas how you to solves.

add_action('admin_init', 'my_taxonomy_list');
function my_taxonomy_list() {
  if (specific_page) { //check not to run in other pages
        $taxonomies = get_taxonomies(); 
        foreach ( $taxonomies as $taxonomy ) {
            $tax_list[] = $taxonomy->slug;
        var tax_list = <?php echo json_encode( $tax_list ) ?>;

And then you could access tax_list to be able to use in javascript file.

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