I need to be able to switch between the current page taxonomy so I can load in the appropriate menu:

$current_tax = 'need to get this from somewhere';
switch ($current_tax) {
    case 'tax1':
        // load menu1
    case 'tax3':
        // load menu2

I'm not sure which method is best to get the current page's taxonomy.

  • What do you mean under taxonomy? tag, category or custom taxonomy? Read this to define more clear – Alexey Oct 9 '11 at 23:19

Just replace tax_name with the desired taxonomie

$tax = wp_get_post_terms($post->ID, 'tax_name');
echo $tax[0]->slug;
  • $the_terms = get_the_terms($postid, 'custom_taxonomy' ); – dcolumbus Oct 10 '11 at 3:06

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