I'm going to have couple services, suburb and sub services for a WordPress website using custom post types.

  • I'm trying not to use 3rd-party plugins if possible (if there is a great one which can easily solve this problem then that's fine).
  • I'm using a custom post type called "Service".
  • I have 3 levels of posts (Services -> Suburb -> Sub Services).
  • Each level is going to have a different template.
  • Each post (services, suburb and sub-services) will have different contents.
  • URL structure I want to achieve is like below:

1st level: /service-name/city-name

2nd level: /service-name/suburb

3rd level: /sub-service-name/suburb





I will also have other services (14-15) like this:




I'm open to any ideas like changing custom post type slug or using taxonomies. Any possible solution, greatly appreciated!

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