I've created a Text widget and put font-awesome icon HTML in editor Text Mode <i class="fab fa-facebook"></i> but toggling to Visual mode makes the code disappears though I can see it working on Frontend.

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I think the issue is that WordPress removes empty tags from the editor. Try adding in a non-breaking space - Font Awesome should remove it so you shouldn't see any noticeable difference:

<i class="fab fa-facebook">&nbsp;</i>

You have used the wrong syntax.

True syntax is <i class="fa fa-facebook"></i>.
Also verify that you have added font-awesome in your theme and function file.

  • Not necessarily. Depends on the Font Awesome version. Font Awesome 5 uses fab instead of fa to display brands.
    – DSofa
    Jan 29, 2019 at 2:56

@Harsh - The original poster was using the syntax from Font Awesome 5, where different prefixes are used based on whether it is a brand (fab prefix), solid (fas prefix), regular (far prefix) and light (fal prefix).

Also, I found that the "&nbsp;" did resolve disappearing icon the issue for me.

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