When I save <RichText />s content into my attributes and want to use this with render_callback in php, it get's kinda messy. As soon as the text contains RichText (bold, italic, line-breaks etc.), $attributes stores it really complicated

attributes: {
    description: {
        type: "text",
        // no source, so it goes straight into the html comment, nice for dynamic rendering

"render_callback" => function( $attributes ) {
    return "<p>" . $attributes["description"] . "</p>"

// var_dump($attributes["description"]
array(3) {
    string(24) "Rendering RichText with "
    array(5) {
      string(6) "strong"
      string(10) "_domReact4"
      array(1) {
        string(3) "php"
    string(22) " is a pain in the a..."

I guess there is a reason why they save RichText like this. Question now is:

How can I use it when rendering dynamically? Is there some function I don't know of? Like: wp_decode_richtext()

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The attribute in question should have the type of "string" so that it would be rendered properly.

attributes: {
    description: {
        type: "string",

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