I am trying to Post and set some value on a PHP file called session.php using jQuery Ajax Post like

$("#up-data").on("click", function(){
        var data= { 
            url : 'www.google.com', 
            product : 'Map' 
        var request = $.ajax({
        type: "POST",
        url: ajax_set.ajaxurl,
        data: data,
        cache: false,
        crossDomain: true,
        beforeSend: function() {
         request.done(function( data) {

        request.fail(function( jqXHR, textStatus ) {
          console.log( "Request failed: " + textStatus );

looks like the POST is working fine here because I am not getting any error plus I am getting the Map www.google.com in the Response of fire bug and also in console for .done() without any error message

enter image description here

but in the session PHP

$u = $_POST["url"];
$p = $_POST["product"];
echo $u . "  " .$p ;

is returning nothing without any error message

enter image description here

Can you please let me know what I am missing or doing wrong and how I can fix this?


I'm having some doubts about your code. IF your using WordPress you should use https://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Action_Reference/wp_ajax_(action)

So you no session.php, but a function:

add_action( 'wp_ajax_foobar', 'my_ajax_foobar_handler' );

function my_ajax_foobar_handler() {
    $u = $_POST["url"];
    $p = $_POST["product"];
    echo $u . "  " .$p ;

and simplify yours JS

        'action': 'foobar',
        'url' : 'www.google.com', 
        'product' : 'Map' 
    function(response) {

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