1. The GA third party library works with php 5.5 and above, i have this.

  2. They say to install this via Composer, since i am new to php i have no idea where is it located and will this work on WordPress? Please help me here

Here is Github's url of Third party Library >> https://github.com/theiconic/php-ga-measurement-protocol

  1. According to the third party GA Library DOcumentation, i need to add this code to composer:

    "require": {
        "theiconic/php-ga-measurement-protocol": "^2.0"
  2. After that I need to run this code on Wordpress pages & Posts which is related to library

        //We've passed the Google client_id in Calendly's placeholder for utm_term. Feel free to pass it differently, this is just an example
        if(property_exists($objCalendlySubmission->payload->tracking, 'utm_term') && !empty($objCalendlySubmission->payload->tracking->utm_term)) {
            $strPageViewed = 'calendly_conversion.html'; // We use different page names depending on what type of event was scheduled via Calendly
            sendGoogleAnalyticsPageView($objCalendlySubmission->payload->tracking->utm_term, $strPageViewed);
        function sendGoogleAnalyticsPageView($strGAClientId, $strURL) {
            require_once '/path_to_composer/composer/vendor/autoload.php'; //loads the PHP library for the "Google Analytics Measurement Protocol”
            $analytics = new TheIconic\Tracking\GoogleAnalytics\Analytics(true); //you may have to adjust this path based on your setup
            $analytics->sendPageview(); //here's where all the effort pays off - this 
            part is simple :)

Please help me implement this code and run this library on wordpress.

Any help will be appreciated


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