Is there any way to validate website field entered is right or wrong through Contact form 7?

Please help me.


Yes, you can add your own custom validation. More info here.

Here's a working and tested example for your situation:

Use [text* your-website] inside your contact form 7 form.

Add this snippet to your theme's functions.php, use a child-theme!

add_filter( 'wpcf7_validate_text*', 'custom_website_validation_filter', 20, 2 );
function custom_website_validation_filter( $result, $tag ) {
  if ( $tag->name == 'your-website' ) {

    $domain = isset( $_POST['your-website'] ) ? trim( $_POST['your-website'] ) : '';

    if ( ! checkdnsrr($domain, 'ANY') ) { // Check DNS records corresponding to a given Internet host name or IP address
      $result->invalidate( $tag, "We cannot find an active dns record for that website url?" );
  return $result;
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