Building a WP site where two parent categories are styled to look like two distinct sections/sites.

I'm using the custom logo (set in Appearance/Customise) and using the function below I can successfully replace this with a custom logo on specific pages and categories. How can I also include a custom link rather than site home?

function change_logo_on_category($html) {

  if (is_page($page = '136'))

    $html = preg_replace('/<img(.*?)\/>/', '<img src="http://customlogo.png" class="custom-logo" alt="" itemprop="logo" />', $html);

  elseif ( in_category( 29 ) || post_is_in_descendant_category( 29 ))

    $html = preg_replace('/<img(.*?)\/>/', '<img src="http://customlogo.png" class="custom-logo" alt="" itemprop="logo" />', $html);

  return $html;   
  • maybe you should think about a solution via css, each page have a single css class from the ID of the page and you can add the image via this selector.
    – bueltge
    Commented Jun 8, 2018 at 10:11

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You are not using all possibilities of the get_custom_logo filter. As you can see from the source not only the $html is passed to it, but also the $blog_id. You can use the latter to do a preg_replace on the link like this:

add_filter ('get_custom_logo','wpse305624_change_logo_link',10,2);
function wpse305624_change_logo_link ($html,$blog_id) {
  $homelink = get_home_url ();
  $bloglink = get_permalink ($blog_id); // or anything else, for instance the blogs's parent
  $html = preg_replace ($homelink,$bloglink,$html);
  return $html;

By the way, you could also use the filter on get_theme_mod (called at the beginning of get_custom_logo) to modify the returned image id in the first place, so you don't have to do a preg_replace afterwards. Unfortunately I don't see a similarly elegant way to manipulate the url.

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