i am very new to wordpress and i have dived in deep waters in other peoples code :(. so i have this data array as an option_value in wp_options table

a:2:{s:16:"block1_names_arr"; a:7:{i:0; s:6:"name1"; i:1; s:9:"name2"; i:2; s:8:"name3"; i:3; s:12:"name4"; i:4; s:11:"name5"; i:5; s:7:"name6"; i:6; s:7:"name7"; }s:16:"block2_names_arr"; a:7:{i:0; s:44:"surname1"; i:1; s:76:"surname2"; i:2; s:62:"surname3"; i:3; s:86:"surname4"; i:4; s:67:"surname5"; i:5; s:68:"surname6"; i:6; s:48:"surname7"; }}

i want to create a two column table in the front end showing names and surnames per line. i made a function and i managed to display the first set of data(the names) but i can't find a way to display the second

function names_table(){

$options = get_option('all_names');
$block1_names_arr = $options['block1_names_arr'];
$block2_names_arr = $options['block2_names_arr'];

$html = '

        <table class="table_open uv-table-dailies responsive table">

                foreach($block1_names_arr as $bookie){
                    $html.='<tr class="tr_open_res">
                        <td>'. $bookie .'</td>
                        <td>CANT DISPLAY THE SURNAMES HERE</td>
return $html;}

i am not even sure if this is the correct way to do such a thing...

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Don't know how you stored your data. Just answering from assumption:

$options = get_option('all_names');

      $_counter = 0;
      foreach( $options as $option ) : ?>
            <td><?php echo $option['block1_names_arr'][$_counter]; ?></td>
            <td><?php echo $option['block2_names_arr'][$_counter]; ?></td>
      endforeach; ?>
  • thank you, it worked! i had to add $block1_names_arr = $options['block1_names_arr']; and $block2_names_arr = $options['block2_names_arr']; and change the echo to $block1_names_arr[$_counter] or else i was getting just Undefined index for block1_names_arr and block2_names_arr in the cells instead of values.
    – JoePanpi
    Jun 7, 2018 at 13:50
  • so what is better. add a function in functions.php and call it from where i need the table or just use the code in place?
    – JoePanpi
    Jun 7, 2018 at 13:51
  • my bad.. It works but it only returns the first 2 values instead of 7.
    – JoePanpi
    Jun 7, 2018 at 14:08
  • can't help without the $options = get_option('all_names'); var_dump($options); Jun 8, 2018 at 13:42

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