I'm trying to create custom RSS feed that will contain one post type and posts there from just one category. URL to this feed should be /rss.

I tried some plugins but didn't found any that will help me with this. Also, I used some plugin to disable feeds from core because I don't need them anymore.

Is there some way to achieve this and how? Some plugins or examples would be great.

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Yes, it is possible to customize feeds. In your case, what you want to do is disable to normal rss feed and replace it with a template of your own. Like this:

remove_action ('do_feed_rss','do_feed_rss',10,1);

This line is a bit confusing. The first do_feed_rss is the name of the action hook. The second is the default function on that hook. Now you can add a new action:

add_action( 'do_feed_rss', 'wpse305438_custom_rss', 10, 1 );
function wpse305438_custom_rss () {
   load_template( TEMPLATEPATH . '/my-custom-feed.php');

Beware that by default WordPress will relay /rss to /feed. Changing that involves hooking into rewrite_rules_array.


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