I'm using contact form 7 and here is the actual contact form 7 code to display the select drop down

<div class="select-wpr">[select* program id:program first_as_label required "Choose your program of interest"]</div></div>
<div class="full-width">
<div class="select-wpr">[select* campus id:campus first_as_label "Choose campus"]</div>

Where can I go and modify the actual select drop down options? I want to add <optgroup> to the select options but can't find where to go and modify that. Where is that located in wordpress?


This is not possible with Contact Form 7 plugin. Instead you can make use of the dynamic_dropdown tag offered by the CF7 plugin extension, CF7 Smart Grid-layout. This allows you to create a dynamic dropdown, which has an option to filter the drodown's options, and therefore create a custom set of options,

add_filter('cf7sg_dynamic_dropdown_custom_options', 'custom_options');
function custom_options($options){
  return "

the plugin enables filter helpers once you insert a tag field in your form. these helpers have more information to help you with their functionality.

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