I've a custom post type that I manage with a custom taxonomy. I've made a template: taxonomy-brand.php, to show the top level categories of the taxonomy. Now I'd need to show the subcategories of each of these, in another different template. I guess that it's possible to use the template_include filter, but I can't implement precisely and which condition to evaluate


You could use the template_include hook to load a specific template for your taxonomy. You would need to change out any instances of my-taxonomy with your specific custom taxonomy and switch out the brand-subcategories.php with whatever your template name is.

 * Force Taxonomy Subcategories to new template
 * @param String $template - Expected template path
 * @return String $template
function wpse303717_subcategory_template( $template ) {

    // We're not on a taxonomy page
    if( ! ( is_tax() && is_tax( 'my-taxonomy' ) ) ) {
        return $template;

    // Grab the queried object, _should_ be a term but make sure.
    $queried_object = get_queried_object();

    // We either don't have the right object OR we're on a top level category becuase $term->parent === 0
    if( isset( $queried_object->parent ) && empty( $queried_object->parent ) ) {
        return $template;

    // Our template could be located anywhere, we could store it in a subdirectory but 
    // we would need to specify a relative path from the theme root to it.
    // Example: 'templates/brand-subcategories.php'
    if( false !== ( $new_template = locate_template( 'brand-subcategories.php' ) ) ) {
        $template = $new_template;

    return $template;

add_filter( 'template_include', 'wpse303717_subcategory_template' );

If you want to load a specific template per subcategory you would need to test against $queried_object->term_id vs what you expect. Though do note that your client could delete these terms which would throw off your code.

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  • Hy Howdy! Thank you so much, you give me a big help. I need just this kind of solution. – Fibonacci May 18 '18 at 12:18

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