For whatever reason there are some odd things going on with my theme, I feel like it's such a fickle install and some times I wonder how it runs.

Anyway, I'm having a few different post types, created using the plugin Pods.

In this case I have a custom post type integration and as such I made the template files category-integration.php and single-integration.php, respectively.

I have 3 environments, across which this is creating different results (local, staging and prod). On local and staging the correct template is not being loaded correctly. The steps I took was to create the php files, and then create the category Integration in which template file I just load the same-named pod elements.

However, all I'm getting is an empty page.

On our production environment, the category is created as a page, which (in my opinion) is not only wrong, but also further causes confusion.

If I go to /integrationer the wpadmin-bar doesn't even reflect that it's a category, by giving the edit category button. Its as if that specific page is completely out of the loop.

This is a tough thing to describe, so let me know if I need to add further information.

Could this at all be related to cleaning up the database? I'm thinking perhaps WP has created some confusion through having both a page, category and pod named similarly.

I should also mention I am now (although not until yesterday) also experiencing the same issue with my /blog and /support templates, where the templates are no longer being loaded either (instead they are returning 404).

Also, I am aware that this sounds very much like a permalink issue, so I tried resetting them (selecting another option, then back to our intended permalink structure) but with no difference.

  • Hi, Indeed it looks like a premalink issue (wordpress can be really confused if you have several contents (pages/categories) with the same url). Did you try to use "Rewrite Rules Inspector" plugin (fr.wordpress.org/plugins/rewrite-rules-inspector) to see that WP identify when you test the urls with an issue?
    – Dexter0015
    Commented May 16, 2018 at 9:32

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I found a solution.

Installing the plugin, as mentioned above, Rewrite Rules Inspector indicated nothing wrong at all.

However, installing the plugin No Category Base (WPML) and simply activated it, was enough to resolve the issue in every instance of it returning an error.

I am afraid this might indicate something very wrong with my installation, but either way I'm up'n'running now.

Thanks for inputs!

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