I am a beginner in WP and I need some help with a task I have.

I need to do a page/page(s) that allow the following (in the order they were written):

  1. Show two options for a user to select the category they want to view - this is the start page for this section of the website
  2. On selecting option 1, show some additional categories that the user can select
  3. On selecting option 2, show the list of posts that meet the criteria.

All selections results in a normal page refresh. No Ajax is used. I think I need to use WP_Query to select the taxonomies. On the first selection, I’m thinking I can store the value in a hidden field and the submit on the second selection and filter the posts based on those two selections but it’s the page flow I’m worried about especially with the way the Template Hierarchy works, I’m not sure I can make it work using the rules of the Template Hierarchy.

Appreciate any input. Thanks

I am an intermediate level Full Stack Developer but I am still struggling to understand the concepts of WordPress.

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