My question is what is the best options/settings framework out there now to safely build custom plugin/theme upon? I found the similar question here, but it was asked 7 years ago and definitely, things changed from that time.

I used ACF a lot to manage custom meta fields and creating theme options page. The plugin is great, but the main drawbacks for me are: difficult to translate (clone/repeater field bugs with WPML, manual field translation settings for EVERY field), hard to figure out compatibility issues if included with plugin (what if ACF is already used in theme, what if it's free version or older PRO version then included etc.)

I also used GenerateWP and https://www.wp-hasty.com/ for settings page options that leverage native WP Settings API and are the best, in my opinion, to not overcomplicate things, but it's often that I need more advanced fields (map, repeater etc.)

I investigated Meta Box, CMB2, Redux, Options Tree and Titan Framework and can't decide what is the best to use to include in the plugin/theme. I liked the Redux design fields and also the fact that Titan Framework is called as a class instance (less compatibility issues with other plugins?). The online Meta Box generator is also a cool thing.

So the question is, what is the best framework you like to use/tried?

Thank you and happy coding :)

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