When using YITH to display the wishlist in the my-account endpoint of WooCommerce, the wishlist works fine, but the endpoints stop working. If we change the page to anything else other than the my-account endpoint, the problem goes away.

  • Your question is totally mess. Can you correct it?? What do you meant by works in my-account endpoint and the problem goes away if changed to other page. You probably meant the problem occurs in other page than my account page. I have used YITH wishlist plugin and appears in my-account page. Are you trying to use some other page to show the wishlist?? – Bikash Waiba May 4 '18 at 5:31
  • If you go through the General Settings of the said plugin, there's an option called Wishlist Page which by default points to the Wishlist page. If I change that page to My account then the WooCommerce endpoints, i.e. Dashboard, Orders, Downloads, Addresses, Account details, and Logout that are present in the My account page, stop working. – Muhammad Asif Mohtesham May 5 '18 at 6:08

Go to Woocommerce->Status->Create default WooCommerce pages

Click button "Create pages" and they'll renew. (Notice: before that, delete the Wishlist Page for the confidence.)

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