I am working on a wordpress website where users can register and post things that they would like to promote or anything that they like to post. Now how can i enable notifications for the user whenever someone comments on their posts or like their posts or anything?

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Try BuddyPress. It covers majority of your functionality.

Or you can go with custom approach using Custom PHP script and AJAX with custom tables created in Database. Here is a link to such tutorial.


EDIT : I don't know what approach you are following. But considering you are using Wordpress Post and Comments.
Create a DB table for storing notifications. Click here for a DB schema

Try using 'comment_post' action. And in that function you can get POST_ID based on COMMENT_ID & then you can get POST_AUTHOR based on POST_ID. Create entry in the notification table mentioned above. You can also send him/her an email as well.

Now when a User logs in. you can fetch entries from Notification table and show it on your web page.

This is just the approach i gave you. For proper execution you can follow the blog post mentioned above and combine it with this approach.

  • I just need notification for comments that all. rest i have account registration posting and stuff. – Wali Muhammad Khubaib May 1 '18 at 17:09
  • Updated the answer – JItendra Rana May 3 '18 at 6:30

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