My site www.apicolacabalin.cl is getting an error 500. After testing with the Host Gator support team, we discovered that the Woocommerce plugin was causing this error. We change the folder name of the plugin to a new one, and now I can see the site again, but without the store.

When I go to plugins, the woocommerce plugin remain deactivated, I have the last version of the plugin (Versión 3.3.5). If I try to activate the plugin again, I get the same error 500 again. Basically I can´t activate the Woocommerce plugin.

Looks like this happens after the last Woocommerce update.

Any idea how to solve this? I ´m not a WP expert, and I don't want to lose the products and the store configuration. Appreciate any help guys!


Hey sounds like an error by PHP the dreadful 500 or white screen.

If you can log into your server and view the PHP error logs or have host gator pull them for you. You know the plugin is causing the error but not sure which exact part the error log should get you a function name or setting that is causing the issue.

I would also check .htaccess maybe on plugin activation it tried to write so rules to the file and failed to do so or they got mixed with your existing rules.


I'd try reinstalling WooCommerce from scratch, which should retain your settings/store/products (since you renamed the folder, rather than deactivate/delete).

I also assume that you have not tried to modify the WooCommerce code, or have issues with a Child Theme or additional code added to the functions.php file.

But, you really need to contact WooCommerce support for this issue.

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