So I am 90% done with my website, I did a mistake with shortcode and removed the login option, now I cant login :(. I tried website/login but the admin login option doesn't appear.

Any other way to trigger the login option.


Wordpress login page exist in yoursite.com/wp-login If it doesn't exist download wp-login.php (you can google for it) and login to your cpanel via yoursite.com/cpanel and locate public_html/ folder or the folder where you install wordpress to and upload it.

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    Don't just grab any wp-login.php file you find in Google. Download the WordPress installation zipfile from wordpress.org/download, unzip it locally, and upload the wp-login.php file from there to your server. (If you're not running the current WordPress version—4.9.5 as I type this—you might need to download an earlier version. Only download this from the official wordpress.org site.) – Pat J Apr 30 '18 at 15:19

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