I was looking for some decent syntax highlighting plugins to display php code on posts. But most of the plugins in the wordpress repository are not updated for years. I found wp-syntax causing issues with the theme. So is there any good plugin with less bugs and better syntax highlighting that works fine with wordpress 3.2.1 ?


I use SyntaxHighlighter Evolved on my site which is based on Alex Gorbatchev’s SyntaxHighlighter and used by WordPress.com blogs/sites to get something like this: enter image description here

And i just recently published a plugin named Simple Gist Embed

This Plugin allows to embed GitHub Gist to your posts/pages/custom using a simple shortcode and even simpler using a built-in Tinymce button. I know there are other plugins which do that already but this plugin also lets you create a GitHub Gist From within your WordPress admin. Other then the option to create Gists from your admin this plugin is faster then the others because of it’s built-in caching of Gists to the database.


I'm currently using CodeColorer on my site (WP Network 3.2.1), and I'm OK with it this far. I tried a lot before and even this produces a not too beautiful HTML output, it works nice. I have to add I modified the CSS a bit from the original.

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