I'm making a WordPress plugin which loads an external JS file for some Google Maps related operations. But the problem is that the changes I make to this external JS file are not applied immediately and shown on the Google Chrome browser, but instead I have to delete the "Images and other data" cache of Chrome in order for the changes I make to the JS file to be applied.

For example I have an alert("DynamicMap.js file was loaded succesfully.); in the first line of the file but the changes I make to the text only apply after I clear the cache. Does anyone know why does this happen and if I can prevent it? Thanks in advance. (Note that I'm testing plugin online on my personal website, not on the localhost.)


Use function filemtime($path), where $path is a path to your script, in wp_enqueue_script call, as fourth parameter (version). Every time you modify the script, the cache will be bypassed.


Calls to wp_register_script and wp_enqueue_script:

wp_register_script('DynamicMapScript', plugins_url('DynamicMap.js', __FILE__), array('jquery'), filemtime(dirname(__FILE__) . '/DynamicMap.js'));
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  • Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't work. I called the function filemtime($path) both in my wp_register_script call and wp_enqueue_script call like this: wp_register_script( 'DynamicMapScript', plugins_url('DynamicMap.js', __FILE__), array('jquery'), filemtime( plugins_url('DynamicMap.js', __FILE__) ) ); and wp_enqueue_script('DynamicMapScript', '', array(), filemtime( plugins_url('DynamicMap.js', __FILE__) ) );. The cache is still not bypassed. – Stavros Skamagkis Apr 21 '18 at 2:28
  • Where, within your plugin folder, DynamicMap.js script is located? – Frank P. Walentynowicz Apr 21 '18 at 3:47
  • It's located in the root folder of my plugin. No sub-folders. – Stavros Skamagkis Apr 21 '18 at 3:53
  • filemtime function expects a path to the file, not URL Replace filemtime(plugins_url('DynamicMap.js', __FILE__)) with filemtime(dirname(__FILE__) . '/DynamicMap.js'), in your code. – Frank P. Walentynowicz Apr 21 '18 at 4:34
  • What do i put in dirname? The full path to my plugin under the base url of my site eg wp-content/plugins/Map_of_resellers or only the subfolder of my plugin under the plugins folder eg Map_of_resellers? – Stavros Skamagkis Apr 21 '18 at 4:43

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